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CIHS Design and Implementation Guide with Promising Practices and Related Research

The Cooperative Innovative High Schools (CIHS) Design and Implementation Guide is developed with input from CIHS principals and staff from across the state. The purpose of the Guide is to encourage and support a design approach to the creation and continuous improvement of CIHS across North Carolina. It is offered as a resource, aligned to legislation, to support CIHS staff, students, and families, as well as district and college partners, as they collaborate to develop and sustain innovative structures, policies and practices to ensure the continued success of CIHS students and schools.

Updated in 2021, the CIHS Design Guide includes Promising Practices, shared by CIHS programs as examples of the Design Elements in action, along with related research.

Design and Implementation Guide


General Assembly Annual Report

This NCDPI report responds to the requirements of North Carolina General Statute § 115C-238.55, legislation mandating the evaluation of student success in cooperative innovative high schools. Success is measured by high school retention rates, high school completion rates, high school dropout rates, certification and associate degree completion, admission to four-year institutions, post-graduation employment in career or study-related fields, and employer satisfaction of employees who participated in and graduated from the schools. 

CCP/CIHS Annual Report

CCP Dual Credit Allowances Chart

To support high school students who are earning college credit while in high school through Career & College Promise, NCDPI has determined dual credit allowances for courses included in the Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA). UGETC courses will transfer for equivalency credit from NC Community Colleges to UNC Institutions. Students who enroll in and pass these college courses will also receive high school course credit based on the chart below.

The Dual Credit Allowances Chart has been updated as of March 2021. The updates reflect changes made due to the social studies standards adoption and the policy change of GRAD-004 that resulted. There are updates on both versions of Dual Credit Allowances information. One chart is from the perspective of the UGETC courses, with the new information noted on page 6, and the other chart is from the perspective of high school graduation requirements, with the new information noted on page 9.

CCP Dual Credit Allowances Chart

CIHS Annual Reports

Each CIHS submits an annual report to NCDPI. Annual Reports inform the annual NCDPI CIHS Report to the NC General Assembly. CIHS Annual Reports are due September 30, 2021. Email CIHS Annual Reports to

CIHS Annual Report Template

CIHS Renewals

Each CIHS submits a Renewal of CIHS status to NCDPI every five years. CIHS Renewals for this renewal cycle are due March 30, 2021. Email Renewals to If you have any questions about the Renewal form or process, or whether this is the year for your CIHS to renew, please contact Isaac Lake at 

Renewal Template

Important Note: This application is a usable online form with electronic signature boxes.  To use this form, you will need to download and save it first.

CIHS Update Form

If your CIHS plans to make significant changes, such as a change of school name or location, please use this CIHS Update form to document those changes with NCDPI.

CIHS Update Form

Demographics And Performance

Cooperative Innovative High Schools served 27,905 students (2018-19)

  • 95% have outperformed the state average cohort graduation rate. Many are at 100%.
  • 90% have met or exceeded growth.
  • 91% received A or B school performance grades.

For more details and evidence of individual school performance, see the following link for NC School Report Cards.

Invoice Information For Existing University/Private College Partners:

Universities and private colleges partnered with Cooperative Innovative High Schools must request tuition reimbursement from the Department of Public Instruction. To receive a reimbursement, specific information must be provided to ensure compliance with financial accounting and audit requirements. This information is provided in the documentation below.

University/Private College Billing Memorandum

University/Private College Tuition Billing Spreadsheet

Specific questions regarding tuition reimbursements should be directed to the NCDPI Division of School Business at 919.807.3700.