District Visits & Voices

Initiated by a data review of teacher practices across the state, the District Visits Voices team including Julie Pittman, Freebird McKinney and Jessica Swencki visited with teachers, district leaders and universities in the Sandhills region.

With a full spring in the books, the Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt took time to reflect and analyze the initiatives witnessed in the field and across the state since January. 

Wrapping up their 2021 spring visits, Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Catherine Truitt and her team traveled to the Sandhills on May 17 to visit Cumberland County Schools to mark their last District Visits and Voices stop of the 2020-21 school year.

Continuing their District Visits and Voices initiative, the Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Catherine Truitt and her team, joined by State Board of Education Chairman Eric Davis, traveled to Mecklenburg for their first visit of the month before continuing to Halifax and Perquimans counties on May 10.

Covering over 300 miles in four days, Superintendent Catherine Truitt’s District Visits and Voices initiative continued in opposite regions of the date, visiting McDowell and Rutherford counties on April 26-27 in the southwest and wrapping up the week in the southeast county of Onslow on April 29.

Department of Public Instruction superintendent Catherine Truitt’s team continued its District Visits and Voices initiative in Northwest North Carolina, visiting Burke County on April 21.

With her first 100 days as superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction complete, capped off by Eugenia Floyd being named the North Carolina 2021 Teacher of the Year, Superintendent Catherine Truitt embarked on her first of many stops on DPI’s District Visits and Voices Tour. Truitt joined her team who had visited all 16 districts in March as they listened to and learned from educators and students, totaling 39 public schools and one charter school in their first month visits.