Beginning-of-Grade 3

Purposes of the BOG3 Reading Test 

Article 8 Chapter §115C of the General Statutes includes Part 1A, the North Carolina Read to Achieve Program. The goal of this program “is to ensure that every student read at or above grade level by the end of third grade and continue to progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate, and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success.” The North Carolina BOG3 Reading Test is linked to the Read to Achieve Program. This test serves several purposes: 

  1. It establishes a baseline measure of beginning third-grade students’ English language arts/reading skills. 
  2. Students who score achievement level 3 or higher on the test demonstrate reading proficiency appropriate for third-grade students, which satisfies the requirements of the Read to Achieve legislation. 
  3. Based on demonstrated student outcomes in reading proficiency, the test serves as a teacher-growth tool for determining those teachers who are well-suited to teach reading camps (G.S.§115C-83.3[4a]). 
  4. Data from the administration of the test and the administration of the End-of-Grade 3 (EOG3) Reading Test are used for school accountability growth and student growth for teachers and administrators.
  5. Students in grade 3 who are not proficient on the EOG3 Reading Test but were proficient on the BOG3 Reading Test (i.e., score achievement level 3 or higher) count as proficient in the performance composite and school performance grades.


Test Specifications Assessment Brief Individual Student Report

Individual Student Report

Individual Student Report (ISR) 

Released Forms

Released Forms

Released Form 

The BOG3 and EOG3 reading tests are developed using the same test specifications and share the same released test. 

Sample Answer Sheets