Research Data Requests

Available Data Sources

A substantial amount of North Carolina's aggregate education data is available on the NC DPI website. Prior to requesting data, please check the reports and data listed in the menu on the right side of this page and posted at these links:

State Data Sources

External Data Sources

Requests for email addresses and other contact information for parents/guardians and school/district staff should be directed to the administrative points of contact in Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and other Public School Units (PSUs). The Educational Directory and Demographical Information Exchange (EDDIE) provides the contact information for all LEAs and PSUs in North Carolina.

Additional Information

If you need more detailed information than is provided here, please contact the NC Education Research Data Center (NC ERDC).

Best Practices for Handling Personally Identifiable Information

Requirements for NCDPI Data Requests

Data proposals must have agency sponsorship prior to approval. Due to limited DPI resources, all requests will be reviewed by appropriate agency leadership to determine if research proposal supports current agency initiatives. Please contact KC Elander ( for questions about your data request.

Data Request Forms