NC Strategic Dashboard Monitoring Tool

Opportunity, Performance, and Resources

This NC Strategic Dashboard Monitoring Tool displays information at the State, district and school level on educational opportunities, student performance, teacher qualifications, resource allocation and much more. You can use the Dashboard to review whether schools are making progress toward achieving the State’s educational goals and priorities. In many cases, you can use the Dashboard to explore information about individual schools and particular subgroups of students, teachers or administrators at those schools. For example, you can use the Dashboard to discover how children like yours perform on State tests in a particular school and grade.

When using the Dashboard, keep in mind that a lot of the information you see comes from technical reports required by State or federal law. Those reports may use terms you are not familiar with or define those terms differently from other uses. (There is a Glossary tab on this page to help clarify terminology.) Also, be sure to note the age of the data and the size of the groups you are examining or comparing. Older data and smaller groups may be less meaningful than up-to-date data and larger groups.

We hope the Dashboard helps you to make decisions, solve problems and inform you about the performance of and the conditions in North Carolina schools. If you have any questions, write to

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