Rethink Education Announcements

The Rethink Education Program is an initiative of the Office of Virtual Support at NCDPI. The program aims to implement a statewide blended instructional model through three key components: instruction, content, and access. Check out the announcements below for the latest news about the Rethink Education initiative.

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​​New survey reveals Rethink Education Badged Facilitators are using blended learning models to increase student engagement.

Newly released survey results from educators who completed the Rethink Education Facilitator Badge professional development program show how they are employing blended learning models to better meet the needs of all students

The new survey findings show that 94% of respondents are currently or plan to implement some component of blended learning based on what they learned from Rethink Education professional development. Participants said the top benefits of using blended learning are: (1) increasing engagement through student ownership of path, place, and pacing; (2) supporting small group and individualized instruction; (3) enabling differentiation; and (4) using it in media centers to increase the use of multimedia tools and student engagement.

Rethink Education badged facilitators are also making an impact in their school communities by training their peers on blended learning best practices: 41% of the respondents provide professional development to other educators.

Explore the Full Results (PDF, 13.9 MB)  

Story 1: Comprehensive District-wide Blended Learning Implementation Transforms Learning (PDF, 386KB)

Story 2: How One Rethink Education Teacher Implemented Blended Learning to More Effectively Engage Students (PDF, 270KB)

Story 3: Using Blended Learning to Keep Students Engaged, No Matter the Disruption (PDF, 334KB)

Kicking Off 2024 with Rethink Ed Stories of Success!

Experience the transformative impact of Rethink Education's pioneering approach to blended learning in North Carolina! Check out these Stories of Success based on the Education Empowered Podcast. Discover how our program is empowering educators to transform the way students learn. Join us in reshaping the future of education!

Showcasing Blended Learning in NC Classrooms

Regional Virtual Instruction Consultants partnered with schools across NC to showcase how they are using the Rotation Model, Flex Model, and Lab Model with students in K-12 classrooms. Pittman Elementary in Halifax County is successfully implementing the Rotation Model of Blended Learning with kindergarteners, while across the state in Clay County, students at Hayesville High School are learning Spanish language and culture using the Flex Model of Blended Learning. Students in Catawba County have a unique opportunity to enroll in Online Catawba, a virtual instruction program that allows students to remain part of their home school while learning remotely through online learning. Check out this playlist - NC Rethink Education - Blended Learning in NC to learn more!

The Power of Rethink Education Professional Development

The Rethink Education Program, an initiative of the Office of Virtual Instruction Services at NCDPI, offers a rigorous professional development (PD) cohort model to train educators across the state in blended instructional models. In this video, Cohort 1 Badged Facilitators and Cohort 2 participants share how the blended learning training has impacted their teaching and learning. Badged Blended Learning Facilitators are available to work with educators in their own districts who are interested in pursuing the Blended Instructor Pathway. 


Rethink Education Program Releases Program Overview Video

The Rethink Education Program recently released a program overview video to help PSUs better understand the mission and impact of this program. The Rethink Education Program is a USED-funded initiative of the Office of Virtual Support at NCDPI. The program aims to build capacity for blended instruction, develop digital content, and increase access to empower each educator, student, and family across North Carolina's public schools. 

Watch the video to learn more about the mission of this innovative program. If your PSU is not yet involved in the Rethink Ed Program initiatives, please reach out to the Project Manager, Tericia Eller at to learn how you can get involved!

Rethink Education Program Releases Educator Impact Video to Highlight Blended Learning Professional Development

The Rethink Education Program is proud to release its educator impact video which highlights two North Carolina districts who participated in the first cohort of the Rethink Education professional development pathway. The Rethink Education Program is a USED-funded initiative of the Office of Virtual Support at NCDPI. The program aims to build capacity for blended instruction statewide by providing free, high-quality professional development (PD) to educators on blended instructional models and their implementation. Educators who complete the 40-hour PD become badged Rethink Blended Learning Facilitators and are able to train others in their district or charter. 

293 educators from across the state received their Facilitator Badge at the end of Cohort 1, including five (5) educators from Beaufort County and ten (10) educators from Lincoln County who are featured in our educator impact video. Watch the video to learn about the power of blended learning instructional strategies shared in Rethink Education PD with teachers, students, schools, and leadership across the state.

NCDPI Recognizes Inaugural Cohort of Educators Leading NC into the Future as Rethink Education Facilitators of Blended Learning

293 educators earned their Rethink Education Facilitator badge after training to become experts in the NC statewide blended instructional model.

NCDPI Announces Inaugural Cohort of Educators Nominated to the Rethink Education Facilitator Professional Development Pathway

51 districts, 28 charter schools, and 1 lab school nominated their talented educators for the inaugural cohort of the Rethink Education Program Facilitator Pathway.