Rethink Education

May 31, 2022

An overview of the three components of the Rethink Education Program, an initiative of the Office of Virtual Support at NCDPI

What is Rethink Education? 

Now is the time to take what we’ve learned from the challenges of responding to COVID-19 and rethink how we educate our students, whether through in-person or blended learning. Rethink Education helps our school communities prepare to adapt and focus on what matters most: supporting the safety and success of North Carolina students, no matter the potential emergency or learning disruption. An initiative of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI), Rethink Education is supported by a grant from the US Department of Education.

How We’re Creating a Resilient Future for North Carolina Schools 

Rethink Education helps North Carolina prepare for any short- or long-term learning disruptions by partnering with districts to develop tailored plans that meet the specific needs of their school communities. These partnerships are focused on improving blended learning, access and content for students in grades K-8. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted -- and heightened -- many challenges faced by students, families and school communities, it also showed us that there’s an urgent need to do more than just ensure our school communities are prepared to respond to learning disruptions. That’s why Rethink Education is focused on empowering teachers to create effective and positive learning experiences for all students, in all learning environments.

How We’re Supporting All North Carolina Families 

All students in North Carolina deserve the support and resources they need to succeed every day, regardless of potential learning disruptions and no matter where learning takes place. Rethink Education will ensure that:

  • educators have the training and resources to help meet the needs of K-8 students through in-person and blended learning environments, 
  • families have the resources needed to support their child’s learning; and
  • rural and under-resourced communities experience greater access to educational resources. 

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Please visit the COVID-19 Response & Resources page for information about DPI’s COVID-19 response, including school safety and parent FAQs.

Please visit NC DHHS Latest Updates page & the main DHHS COVID-19 website/ for timely information about COVID-19 and statewide safety precautions.

To find information about your district or school, please visit the Education Directory of North Carolina.

If you have questions about the Rethink Education program or resources, please reach out to the Rethink Education Team at

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Education Empowered Podcast with NC Rethink ED

We now have a podcast! The Education Empowered Podcast is a part of the Office of Virtual Support at NCDPI and Rethink Education NC. The Rethink Education NC initiative focuses on rethinking education through purposeful blended learning instruction. Education Empowered features NC educator voices sharing their experiences and ideas to help rethink education in NC. Like and Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite streaming service. Check it out on Anchor FMSpotify, Apple PodcastsAmazon Music Podcasts