Dual Language Immersion

Vision & Mission

The vision of the North Carolina State Board of Education is that every public school student in North Carolina will be empowered to accept academic challenges, prepared to pursue their chosen path after graduating high school, and encouraged to become lifelong learners who will engage in a globally-collaborative society.

Global Education is the means to ensuring that our North Carolina public school graduates are globally engaged and productive citizens.

DL/I Commitment in Global Education

A main focus or goal of the State Board of Education's Global Education Task Force report, "Preparting Students for the World" (January 2013) was to implement a plan for statewide access to dual language/immersion (DL/I) programs, K-12.

North Carolina has been home to DL/I programs since the Fall of 1990 when the first Spanish DL/I program began. There are now 200 DL/I programs in 47 districts, 6 charter schools, and 6 independent schools, which use 8 languages: Cherokee, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, and Urdu.

Please read the details about the ongoing work to sustain and expand K-12 DL/I programs on the North Carolina DL/I Google Site.