Standard Course of Study & Supporting Resources

ELA Standards Documents

View and sort ELA Standards and supporting documents, including: the Understanding the ELA Standard Course of Study, the Vertical Progression, the ELA Standards Crosswalk, etc.

Explore ELA Repositories

ELA Virtual Implementation Kit

The Virtual Implementation Kit (VIK) is a repository for all English Language Arts stakeholders. This repository provides a variety of resources for supporting administrators, educators, and parents during the implementation of the 2017 Standard Course of Study. The range of resources and modes of navigation offer users an opportunity to determine their own specific needs and find materials that suit them. This Canvas repository can be accessed with or without a Canvas account. 

ELA Resources Livebinder

The Resources LiveBinder provides an organized collection of PD Kits and stakeholder communications. This LiveBinder can be used to inform professional development or add clarity to current initiatives. This LiveBinder will continue to be updated with more kits and communications as they are developed.

ELA: The Basics Livebinder

The Basics Livebinder guides teachers through two fundamentals of ELA instruction: the Standards and the texts. This step-by-step guide contains information and activities focused on understanding the standards and choosing appropriately complex texts.

Literacy Instruction Standards (LIS) Toolkit (LIST)

The LIST is a repository for all literacy stakeholders and provides a variety of resources for supporting administrators, educators, and parents during the implementation of the current LIS. To learn more about the LIS and the accompanying resources, visit the DPI LIS webpage.

Stay Updated on Standards Revision

In an effort to keep stakeholders informed, the NCDPI ELA Team provides monthly updates that contain the latest announcements and current news regarding the ELA Standards. These updates are sent every first Friday of the month. To receive these updates straight to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our listserv. To view past updates, click on the links below.

June 2024

Supporting Multilingual Learners

Stakeholders have different areas of expertise and are often responsible for different aspects of educational planning and delivery; however, collectively, they are responsible for the success of Multilingual Learners. Each teacher can contribute to deliver coordinated educational experiences for Multilingual Learners according to their own qualifications and areas of expertise (WIDA 2020). To aid content area educators in supporting Multilingual Learners, please visit the NCDPI ESL/Title III Team’s ELD Standards Resource Hub.