Service Documentation

Teacher and Children in classroom

The Service Documentation module is user-friendly documentation platform for capturing IEP service delivery. This module supports streamlined, accessible, compliant, and secure documentation for practitioners, as well as program administration and continuous quality improvement for administrators. A broad array of reporting options are available to ensure program integrity. Development has focused on intuitive processes, efficiency, and appropriate access for all user types. The Service Documentation module features:

  • Clear, easily accessed interface for documentation (including discipline-specific Plans of Care, progress reports)
  • FERPA compliance
  • Clinician supervision sign-off
  • Virtual record archive
  • Minimized ‘clicks’
  • Error checking (e.g., prompts for required fields)
  • Compliance information display
  • Efficient documentation transfer between LEAs and vendors
  • Data access
  • Meaningful search (e.g., by status, by service)
  • Mandated vs. Delivered tool to track completed visits
  • Virtual, easily accessed implementation supports, including:
    • Manuals and Quick reference guides
    • How-to-videos
    • Webinars