Testing Security


General Statute §115C-174.10 states that the North Carolina Testing Program has three purposes: “(i) to assure that all high school graduates possess those minimum skills and that knowledge thought necessary to function as a member of society; (ii) to provide a means of identifying strengths and weaknesses in the education process in order to improve instructional delivery; and (iii) to establish additional means for making the education system at the State, local, and school levels accountable to the public for results.” In order to maintain the integrity of the North Carolina Testing Program, it is essential for school personnel to develop awareness of proper testing protocol and procedures. Knowledge of testing policies and procedures helps ensure the North Carolina Testing Program is conducted in a manner that is fair, consistent, and equitable for all students.

Tab/Accordion Items

Testing Code of Ethics 
Ethical code for all North Carolina educators involved in student assessment and accountability

Testing Security Protocol and Procedures for School Personnel (Published July 2024)
Publication of testing security protocol and procedures for North Carolina school personnel

The Proctor's Guide (Published July 2024)
The Proctor's Guide outlines the responsibilities of proctors and what they are permitted to do during a test administration.


The Online Testing Irregularity Submission System (OTISS) is the system in which North Carolina testing professionals submit testing irregularities that take place during the administration of any state test. All irregularities must be reported by entering data in the OTISS system housed in NCTest Admin.

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