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The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) uses a Unique Statewide Identifier (UID) System that enables LEAs and charter schools to assign a unique statewide identifier for every student who participates in the NC education system at any point in time. The UID enables reliable matching of student-level records over time and across DPI applications. Every student who participates in the North Carolina public school system is assigned a UID through the PowerSchool student information system and this UID follows students between school districts and remains valid even if they move out of state and then return to a North Carolina public school. The Student UID system is built on the eScholar Uniq-ID® product. 

Accessing the System

Login to the Student UID system, via the link below, using your NCID credentials:

Student UID System


Registering for Access to Student UID

PSU staff who are involved with the enrollment and updating of student records in the NC Student Information System (SIS), can request access to the Student UID System to assist with searching for and assigning the appropriate UID to students in their PSU. Complete the steps below to register for the NC Student Identification System (Student UID). The steps below must be completed before you will be approved for access into the system. Creating a North Carolina Identity (NCID) enables its customers to achieve an elevated degree of security and access control to real-time resources such as customer based applications and information retrieval.

Step 1: Register for an NCID Account

***If you already have an NCID, you do not need to register again. Please use your existing NCID account and move on to Step 2***

  • Request a local NCID account from your local NCID Administrator.
  • Once you have received notification that your NCID account has been created, activate your NCID account by logging into the system at
  • Confirmation of NCID registration and account activation must be received before progressing to Step 2.

Step 2: Submit Online Request

Note: Review and approval of PSU staff Student UID access requests is delegated to the LEA Security Officer, which is a role that is requested by a PSU staff member when they are completing their initial request for access. Specific instructions for PSU staff members who wish to request the LEA Security Officer role for their PSU can be found on page 5 of the Student UID User Registration Instructions linked above.Once PSU staff members have completed the steps above and the request for access has been reviewed and approved by the LEA or charter school Security Officer, the staff member requesting access will receive an approval email indicating that you can now access the system.


System Support

If you have questions or issues related to accessing or use of the Student UID System, please contact the DPI Support Center by submitting a ticket at

Support Documentation

Tab/Accordion Items

Student UID System Overview

General overview of the Student UID System and the ID Assignment Process


Student UID Search Quick Reference Guide

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