On November 4, 2014 the North Carolina State Board of Education voted and approved an updated Strategic Plan. The State Board's vision is that "Every public school student will graduate ready for post-secondary education and work, prepared to be a globally engaged and productive citizen".

Measure 2.4.3 of the strategic plan is to measure the "Percentage of charter schools meeting or exceeding academic, financial, and operational goals as measured by the Office of Charter School's performance framework". The NC Charter School Performance Framework reflects key areas of academics, finance, and operations performance; and should be considered as a tool to track growth and improvement over time.

Performance Framework FAQs

  • Who- All currently operating schools are required to participate in the annual Performance Framework. The Office of Charter Schools staff provides thoughtful and responsive guidance throughout the year.
  • What- The Performance Framework consists of several indicators related to charter school operations, academics, finance, and governance.
  • When- Document submissions for the 2019-20 Performance Framework will take place from September 2019 through April 2020. Final submissions are due June  30th.
  • Where- Most documents are submitted via the Epicenter portal and evaluated by  OCS. However, certain measures are collected and evaluated by divisions and agencies external to OCS. For example, measure A5 is collected by the various federal programs within DPI (EC, ELL, etc.). Measure A17, Health and Safety Requirements, is collected and evaluated by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Why- The Performance Framework is an accountability measure and it is a tool to help us keep you, the school, out of trouble so you can focus on educating students!

Full list of measures tracked through the Performance Framework


2020-2021 Items reviewed by OCS due schedule:


  • A17. Health Requirements reminder(not the actual measure) 
  • A11. Board Schedule


  • A12. Directors List
  • A14. Certificate of Occupancy    
  • A20. Retirement Dissolution Fund 


  • A6.1 Enrollment Policy
  • A6.2 Application


  • A5. ELL LIEP Service Chart
  • A10. Board Conflict of Interest Policy
  • A1.2 Parent Letter(D/F)


  • A16. Criminal History Policy
  • A19. EMO/CMO Records Request (Paid employees and school expenditures)


  • A1.1 Report Cards on Website  
  • A21. School Improvement Plan
  • A9. Nepotism Policy


  • A15. Insurance Certificate  
  • A13. Fire Inspection
  • A8. Both Employee and Parent Grievance Policies