This page provides information on requirements to submit a public charter school proposal to the North Carolina State Board of Education.

Note: This application is not to enroll your child into an individual charter school. If you are seeking enrollment at a charter school, please refer to the school's website for a list of contact information for all charter schools in North Carolina.

Applying to open and operate a public charter school is a multiple step process.

The next application cycle will tentatively open in late May 2021, pending State Board approval.

2020 Applications Press Release:

Twenty-five Charter Schools Seek Approval to Open in either 2021 or 2022

2020 Submitted Applications Data

2020 Charter Application Timeline and Process

2020-2022 Timeline

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Application Historical Data

Application Process Data for 2016-2017

NCDPI Receives 40 Applications to Open Charters in 2016
Press Release

Virtual Pilot Program Applications
On Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, NCDPI received two applications for the Virtual Pilot Program ahead of the 5 p.m. (EST) deadline. The two applications submitted were:

  • North Carolina Virtual Academy
  • North Carolina Connections Academy

LEA Impact Statements

Application Process Data for 2015-2016

Charter Application Press Release

The following spreadsheet lists the 2015-16 applications that were complete and received a review by the Charter Schools Advisory Board (CSAB). The spreadsheet displays the evaluation team recommendations for interview, the CSAB recommendations based upon the interviews, and those that decided to submit a request for reconsideration (and those results as well).

175 Letters of Intent (LOI) were submitted ahead of the noon deadline on Sept. 6, 2013. These groups may complete charter proposals by the December 6, 2013 application deadline. This spreadsheet (updated Sept. 16, 2013) provides some basic information on each group that completed an LOI.

January 2015 — The State Board of Education granted final approval to 11 charter applications at its regularly-scheduled January meeting. These charter schools will be opening to serve students in August 2015:

Charlotte Lab Winterville Charter Academy 
(formerly Patriot Academy)
Shining Rock Classical
Excelsior Classical PAVE SE Raleigh VERITAS Community School
Ignite Piedmont Classical Youngsville Academy
KIPP: Durham Preparatory Queen City STEM  

Application Process Data for 2014-2015

156 Letters of Intent to open a charter school were submitted to the Office of Charter Schools ahead of the noon deadline on Jan. 4, 2013. Charter School listing (updated Jan. 11, 2013) of potential names and locations of these proposed schools.

January 2014 — The State Board of Education granted final approval to 26 charter applications at its regularly-scheduled January meeting. These charter schools will be opening to serve students in August 2014:

A.C.E. Academy Entrepreneur High School The Capitol Encore Academy
Anderson Creek Club Charter School Envision Science Academy The Franklin School of Innovation
Bradford Preparatory School Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy Thunderbird Preparatory Academy
Cardinal Charter Academy Invest Collegiate-Buncombe United Community School
Carolina STEM Academy KIPP Halifax College Preparatory Wake Forest Charter Academy
Charlotte Charter High School Pioneer Springs Community School Wayne Preparatory Academy
Charlotte Learning Academy Providence Charter High School West Charlotte Charter High School
Concrete Roses STEM Academy Reaching All Minds Academy Wilson Preparatory Academy
Dynamic Community Charter School South Brunswick Charter School  

Application Process Data for 2013-2014

June 2012 -—The applications below that have rubrics have reached the next stage of the process and have been invited back by the Public Charter School Advisory Council for an interview. These interviews, in no way, guarantee the applicant group will receive a charter.

March 2013 — The State Board of Education granted final approval to 23 charter applications at its regularly-scheduled March meeting. These charter schools will be opening to serve students in August 2013:

Aristotle Preparatory Academy Island Montessori Charter StudentFirst Academy
Cabarrus Charter School Langtree Charter Academy Summerfield Charter Academy
Charlotte Choice Charter Longleaf School of the Arts The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders
Douglass Academy Oxford Preparatory High School The North Carolina Leadership Academy
Falls Lake Academy Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy Uwharrie Charter Academy
Flemington Academy Pinnacle Classical Academy Willow Oak Montessori
Howard & Lillian Lee Scholars Southeastern Academy Z.E.C.A School of Arts and Technology
Invest Collegiate STEM Education for a Global Society Academy (SEGS)  


If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact