Please do not mail amendment requests. All requests must be processed through our office’s online system. If you would like to initiate a charter amendment, please email with details regarding the type of request. Ms. Baquero will then send you instructions for moving forward with the amendment. Thank you.

Any changes a charter school makes to its application require the school to submit a request to amend those documents to the Office of Charter Schools. The Office of Charter Schools has authority to approve some amendment requirements, while others require State Board approval. In certain circumstances, such as significant enrollment growth and/or grade expansion, a required approval must come from the State Board of Education. Below are details about such amendments: SBE Amendment Policy

Submit amendment requests to the Office of Charter Schools via email at

For fturther guidance, see this Amendments Process document.

Amendments to Charter Application

According to State Board of Education Policy TCS-U-014:

A material revision of the provisions of a charter application shall be made only upon the approval of the State Board of Education (Board). 

  1. Amendment Approval Process

    1. The following are amendments that must receive Board approval prior to implementation

      1. Enrollment growth beyond the approved percentage outlined in G.S. 115C-218.5 or grade expansion not in the approved charter;

      2. Relocation outside a 5-mile radius or approved Local Education Agency (LEA);

      3. Transferring the charter to another non-profit entity;

      4. Altering the mission or targeted student population;

      5. Employing or terminating a management company; and

      6. Change to the charter application with respect to the National School Lunch program

    2. The following proposed amendments to a charter may be approved by Department of Public Instruction staff without the necessity of Board action; moreover, the charter school must seek approval prior to implementation of the change.  Further, the Board must be notified by the Department of any approved amendments in the following areas:

      1. Bylaws;

      2. The name of the charter school;

      3. The Articles of Incorporation;

      4. Relocation within a 5-mile radius or an approved Local Education Agency (LEA)

      5. Class sizes as stated in the application;

      6. Length of school day and/or academic year;

      7. Curriculum changes;

      8. Change to the charter application with respect to student transportation;

      9. Change to the charter application with respect to changing its food service plan; and

      10. One year delay requests and/or using year 2 enrollment as outlined in the approved charter.

    3. Any proposed amendments not contained in Section 2 above must be reviewed and approved by the State Board of Education and are subject to the Charter Schools Advisory Board's review/recommendation.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Department may carry any proposed amendment to the Board for its review.

  2. Documentation Needed to Process Amendment Requests

No amendment will be processed without the needed documentation. Documentation needed to process amendment requests include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Board meeting minutes reflecting the vote of the Board of Directors for the charter school;

    2. Cover letter fully explaining/justifying the request signed by the board chair and lead administrator of the charter school;

    3. Strikethrough version of the original charter application/document; and

    4. Clean version of the original charter/document to include the new language.

Enrollment Growth and Grade Expansion

Requesting enrollment growth and grade expansion