Regional Support Structure

The regional support structure organizes services to schools and districts through an efficient geographically based model. The Regional Case Manager (RCM) leads the support and services provided in each region. The RCM facilitates and participates in the design, implementation, and evaluation of all services and school improvement practices for North Carolina districts and schools with a partnership focus on those districts designated as low performing. Other key duties include:

  • Providing a communication loop to all superintendents, central office administrators, principals, and teachers about the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate policies, processes and practices that focus on improving student achievement;
  • Providing oversight, management, and supervision to align work process with other key Agency and district staff;
  • Co-supervising cross Agency regional teams and leading all internal and external communication regarding the regional team’s work and support.

Learn more about your Regional Case Manager and the Regional Support Team in your area: 

Regional Support Team Contact Map

Regional Support Team Contact Map

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Dr. Catherine Stickney


Dr. Beth Metcalf


North Central
Melany Paden


Jessica Swencki


Dr. Fran Harris-Burke


Dr. Chris Triolo


Stephanie Dischiavi


Dr. Jeremy Gibbs