Preschool Exceptional Children Program

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Preschool Exceptional Children's Program

The Department of Public Instruction’s Preschool Exceptional Children’s Program promotes the development and successful participation of North Carolina’s preschool-age children with special needs in a broad range of activities and contexts, including their homes, early learning programs, and communities.  In order to accomplish this goal, the Preschool Exceptional Children’s Program must maintain strong collaborations with a variety of partners.  First, cross- division collaboration with the Exceptional Children Program is essential to ensure that all services are compliant, reliable and responsive to family and child needs. The preschool program also plays a part in the Exceptional Children State Systemic Improvement Plan. Second, the program is situated within the Office of Early Learning to facilitate strong collaborations with other early childhood programs operated by the Department (Title I Preschool and Head Start) in order to facilitate inclusive opportunities for preschoolers with disabilities. Finally, collaborations outside the Department include two divisions within the Department of Health and Human Services (Division of Child Development and Early Education for the NC Pre-K program and the Division of Public Health for the Infant Toddler Program) and the North Carolina Partnership for Children.

All professional development and technical assistance information can be found at the Early Learning Network website.  EC Preschool Coordinators can access resources on Early Childhood Discipline, Early Childhood Enrollment, Hearing/Vision Screening, Early Childhood Least Restrictive Environment, and Early Childhood Transitions on the Early Learning Network EC Coordinator Resource page. 

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