Coding and Mobile App Development Grant Program

Coding and Mobile App Development Grant Program

The Coding and Mobile App Development Grant Program (CaMADGP) was established in 2017 by the NC General Assembly. Funds appropriated for the CaMADGP are used to award competitive grants each fiscal year to grant recipients. In the initial year, State Superintendent Mark Johnson awarded $400,000 in grants to 15 district and charter schools. In subsequent years, the General Assembly has made a total $800,000 available to award to grantees. Grant funds shall be used for the purchase of equipment, digital materials, and related capacity building activities which may include teacher professional development for coding, computer science, and mobile application development initiatives.

The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for North Carolina students to learn computer science, coding and mobile app development to help them gain the skills needed to: (1) create and contribute, not just use and consume, in the digital economy; and (2) actively engage as informed citizens in our complex, technology-driven world. 

Through public-private partnerships with LEAs and charter schools, industry, and community leaders, this grant program is designed to help build local capacity and curricular programs through 1) professional development for teachers and administrators, 2) development of locally-relevant digital computer science curriculum that are part of K-Career Pathways for students, and 3) engagement of industry professionals to ensure a partnership that supports connections between local school curriculum, future career opportunities for students, and industry demand. 

Grant Term: 1 year

Application Period: Early March – May 15th

Eligibility: LEAs & Charter Schools

Award Notification: July 15th

Career and Technical Education Grade Expansion Program

Career and Technical Education Grade Expansion Program

The North Carolina Education and Workforce Innovation Commission, North Carolina State Board of Education, and the North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction developed the Career and Technical Education Grade Expansion Program. Established under G.S. 115C-64.17, the Career and Technical Education Grade Expansion Program is designed to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs by prioritizing the inclusion of students in sixth and seventh grade through grant awards provided to selected local school administrative units for up to seven years from its inception.

Grant funds awarded through this grant may ONLY be used for employing additional licensed personnel in the areas of: Career and Technical Education, Career development coordination, and support service areas necessary for expanding the CTE program to sixth and seventh grade students. The funds may be used at one or more schools within the local school administrative unit. This grant is not for program maintenance.

Grant Term: up to 7 years, grantees must re-apply each year

Application Period: Early June – August 1st  

Eligibility: Local School Administrative Units

Award Notification: early Fall