Standard Course of Study & Supporting Resources

Program Quality Review Tool

The Program Quality Review (PQR) is for teams of leaders in Public School Units (PSUs) who are charged with ensuring the program quality of a school and its implementation of practices that support English Learners (ELs) as they move toward college, career, and civic readiness. This document is not meant to be evaluative or used for compliance.

The purpose of this document is to help PSUs reflect on, develop, and/or improve EL program quality. The PQR can be for self-reflection, conducting school needs assessments, identifying areas of success or areas of growth, determining resource or professional learning needs, etc. It may also serve as a tool in preparation for requesting technical assistance from the NCDPI ML/Title III Team and/or cross-program monitoring.  To learn more about the PQR, view these slide decks and accompanying webinar recordings.

ELD Resources

View English Language Development (ELD) Standards and supporting documents, including the NC ELD Standard Course of Study, the English as a Second Language (ESL)/Title III Program, and ELD Glossary, etc.

View the Connections between SoR and ML Initiatives document to see how the North Carolina ML Initiatives of ExC-ELL, GLAD, and SIOP connect to the Science of Reading as well as how specific techniques and strategies can be used to support reading instruction. You may also watch the SOR Support Video with this document to learn more about this resource. Viewers may skip to the following timeframes to view specific segments of the video:  Introduction (00:00 – 4:40); ExC-ELL (4:41 – 16:05); SIOP (16:06 – 32:53); and GLAD (32.54 – 42:24).  

Explore ELD Repositories

ELD Standards Resource Hub

The NC ELD Standards Resource Hub is a repository for all ML stakeholders. The ML/Title III Team designed this repository to provide a variety of resources for supporting school leaders, administrators, educators, and parents/caregivers during the implementation of the 2020 Standard Course of Study in the 22-23 SY.  

This resource can be accessed via the short URL:

#GoOpenNC ELD Hub

The #GoOpenNC ELD Hub includes standards-aligned instructional resources, professional learning opportunities, and other resources related to the implementation of the NC ELD Standard Course of Study (SCOS). ML educators are encouraged to browse, reference, download, share, rate, discuss, and remix resources.

Educators may join the hub groups ML Teacher Network or the ESL/ML Lead Teachers. These collaborative groups offer a community for all educators serving MLs and teachers of MLs.  

This resource can be accessed via the short URL:

LinguaFolio for NC

Formative Assessment for North Carolina

LinguaFolio®* is a proficiency-based, student-centered, formative assessment tool that empowers learners to manage their own language learning, provides a place for learners to collect evidence showing their growth, and facilitates language learning in and outside the classroom.

LinguaFolio® is aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (SCOS), which includes the English Language Development Standards and the World Language Essential Standards.

All of the LinguaFolio resources are housed in the NC LinguaFolio Canvas hub, including classroom materials for ELD and World Languages, LinguaFolio Online (LFO) information and access, and professional development offerings.

* LinguaFolio® is becoming LinguaGrow©. More information about this rebranding will be shared soon.


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Please note: The terms on this page may alternate between "English Learner" (EL) and "Multilingual Learner" (ML). As of March 21, 2022, NCDPI shifted to using "English Learner" for policy and legislation purposes and "Multilingual Learner" for all other purposes. See this letter or watch this video for more details.