Traveling Plays on the Holocaust

The Council offers support to bring these short plays based on the Holocaust experiences of young people to your school and community. Contact the Council Chairman, Michael Abramson for more information.

Let Your Children Tell


Let Your Children Tell is a riveting, forty-five minute play based on the actual experiences of three young people in Europe during the Holocaust. The characters, Jewish and Roma (gypsy), struggle physically and emotionally under Nazi tyranny. North Carolina playwright, Brenda Schleunes, wrote and produced the play with the support of the N.C. Council on the Holocaust. Let Your Children Tell has been presented to high school and college classes across the state.

Contact the Touring Theater of North Carolina to schedule a performance (in the menu, click Let Your Children Tell). Performance fees depend on several factors. These include the site’s distance from Greensboro and the accommodation costs of the cast and crew. 

View a short video of scenes from the play.

"No stronger appeal for humanity and understanding of the evils of hate and prejudice can be imagined than the actual words of these children."    – Abe D. Jones, Jr., Greensboro News & Record


Etty is a powerful one-woman play that takes us into the mind of Esther "Etty" Hillesum. She was a young Dutch Jewish woman facing deportation to Auschwitz. Written and performed by Susan Stein, the one-hour play is composed entirely of Etty's words from her diaries and letters. "Etty's words, insights, and beliefs reach out from the Holocaust," writes Stein, "and allow us to see the power of hope and individual thought in the most extreme circumstances." 

"I'm sure hardly any of my students had ever heard of Etty Hillesum before Susan Stein came to Brandeis. But I doubt anyone will ever forget her again now. . . . With her play Stein accomplishes something remarkable: She allows the young woman writer to triumph over the Nazis sixty years after they murdered her in Auschwitz." 
  – Sabine von Mering, Associate Professor, Brandeis University


Top photo reproduced by permission of the Touring Company of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC. Bottom photo reproduced by permission of Ricardo Barros and Susan Stein.