Superintendent's Quarterly, Reports and Legal Documents

Reports, Awards and Legal Documents

Legal Documents Academic Growth Awards

Academic Growth Awards

The promotional files and related instructions for schools and districts who have received the North Carolina Exceeded Academic Growth Award and the North Carolina Academic Growth Award are found on this page.

NC Exceeded Academic Growth Award

NC Academic Growth Award

Student Health and Well-Being

Student Health and Well-Being

Information related to Student Health and Well-Being, including deliverables from the Superintendent’s Working Group on Student Health and Well-Being.

The Working Group on Student Health and Well-Being submitted a report to the General Assembly in October, 2018, which included a number of recommendations.

From the recommendations in the October report, the General Assembly passed Session Law 2018-32. PART V, Section 5.(a) of Session Law 2018-32 called for a few deliverables, which are found in the report:

  • Content standards for a mental-health training program that includes all of the following topics:
    • Youth mental health
    • Suicide prevention
    • Substance abuse
    • Sexual abuse prevention
    • Sex trafficking prevention
  • A model mental-health training program
  • A suicide risk referral protocol
Educator and Parent Perspective Surveys

Educator and Parent Perspective Surveys

In his first year in office, Superintendent Mark Johnson established the NC Educators’ Perspective Surveys, a way for the superintendent and other policy-makers in Raleigh to hear from educators across the state about issues that affect students and educators.

Later, Johnson expanded the effort to include Parent Perspective Surveys.

The documents below present the results of the surveys.

Educators’ Perspective Surveys

Parent Perspective Surveys