SAS® EVAAS™ (Education Value-Added Assessment System) for K-12 is a customized software system available to all North Carolina school districts. EVAAS provides North Carolina's educators with tools to improve student learning and to reflect and improve on their own effectiveness. Along with other sources of data, EVAAS plays a valuable role in the success of North Carolina's schools and students.

EVAAS examines the impact of teachers, schools, and districts on the learning of their students in specific courses, grades, and subjects. Users can access colorful, easy-to-understand charts and graphs via the Web, as well as produce customized reports that predict student success, show the effects of schooling at particular schools, or reveal patterns in subgroup performance.

The North Carolina State Board of Education has selected EVAAS as the statewide model for measuring student growth when common assessments are administered (for example, the End of Course and End of Grade assessments). Beginning in 2011-12, EVAAS data became part of the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System for teachers and school administrators. Beginning with the 2012-13 school year, the State will report on EVAAS data in the school accountability model.


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