Continuation of NSLP

Continuation of NSLP is a program designed to allow SFAs to continue operating (serving meals) under the National School Lunch Program for students that are required to return to school after the school year has ended (or track out period for year round schools) for academic instruction.  Typically, the required classes/courses are provided to the students for the purpose of passing and promotion to the next grade level or to earn credits to be applied toward high school graduation.  Many districts are now using the term "required remediation" to describe situations where students are required to attend for refresher purposes and then re-take the EOC tests with the goal that they will pass and be promoted. 

NOTE:  In any case, the key term is “required”. SFAs may request to operate the Continuation of the NSLP program only if required academic instruction is provided. 


Jacquelyn McGowan 
Compliance Specialist 

How to Apply: 

Complete and submit the Request for Continuation of the National School Lunch Program with original signatures via US mail at least two weeks prior to the date the program continuation is scheduled to begin. 

Mail the form to: 
School Nutrition Services 
Attn:  Jacquelyn McGowan 
324 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC  27699-6324