• Existing roofing systems
  • Structural condition assessments for renovation
  • Site reviews and utilization studies
  • Maintenance recommendations for physical facilities
  • Bleacher surveys


  • Roofing failures
  • Structural failures and problems
  • Site grading and drainage


  • Re-roofing with conventional flat roofing and sloped metal
  • Remedial structural repairs
  • Small additions such as boiler rooms, athletic facilities and canopies
  • Site grading and drainage review and design
  • Running track and field event design
  • Load capacity analysis
  • Repair and corrective recommendations
  • Research and recommendations for repair materials
  • Develop plans and specifications for bidding
  • Make presentations to facility committees and administrators to review design options

Post Design Services

  • Advertisement and receipt of bids construction
  • Construction contract negotiations and bid analysis
  • Construction contract administration
  • Construction inspection
  • Construction liaison
  • Contractor payment review

Cost Estimates

  • Re-roofing 
  • Structural repairs and consultation
  • Site work
  • Cost analysis and comparison


  • Structural failures or damage
  • Storm damage
  • Roof failures