English Learners

English Learners in North Carolina

The English Language Development Standard Course of Study (ELD SCS) describes what English learner (EL) students should know and be able to do at each level of proficiency along the K-12 continuum. It assists teachers of ELs in planning lessons and strategies which target the language learning needs of individual students to ensure that they progress toward full English language proficiency. The SCS also assist all teachers in modifying instruction in the content areas to match the English language proficiency levels of their students.

The NC English Language Proficiency Standard Course of Study is the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) English Language Proficiency Standards, approved by the State Board of Education on June 5, 2008. These standards represent the social, instructional and academic language students use to engage with peers, educators and the curriculum in schools. 


Our vision is to build capacity at the local school system level and sustain statewide implementation of research-based strategies to meet the needs of our English learners. The team works with all LEA/Charter Schools to: 

  • Provide leadership for the development, enhancement, assessment, and maintenance of standards implementation at the K-12 level with special emphasis on English language development (ELD).
  • Develop appropriate resources and providing technical assistance and training to local directors and others involved in the design and implementation of the Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP).
  • Coordinate professional learning opportunities for ALL teachers and school administrators to raise performance outcomes in all content areas for students identified as ELs.
  • Coordinate and conduct on-site monitoring reviews for Title III compliance.
  • Provide guidance for the EL headcount and Immigrant headcount data collection and reporting.
  • Cross-collaborate with the Accountability Division to support school districts during ACCESS testing and the EL subgroup data analysis.

Please visit the North Carolina ESL/Title III English Language Development Google Site for more information and to access the resources - bit.ly/NCELsWebsite