ML/Title III

NCDPI Multilingual Learner/Title III

The NCDPI ML/Title III Team is dedicated to growing the success of multilingual learners (MLs) by sustaining statewide implementation of the English Language Development (ELD) Standards, ensuring program compliance, and coordinating efforts, resources, and professional learning to build stakeholder capacity. The ML/Title III team has three focus areas to assist all Public School Units (PSUs): ML identification, data collection, and reporting, ML program quality, and ML program compliance.

ML Identification, Data Collection, and Reporting

  • providing guidance for the EL and Immigrant headcounts, and the subsequent data collection and reporting of this data to the NC State Board of Education, the NC Legislature, and the US Department of Education;
  • cross-collaboration with the Office of Accountability and Testing to support school districts with EL identification using the WIDA Screener, with the annual English language proficiency ACCESS testing, and then with EL subgroup data analysis.

ML Program Quality 

  • providing leadership for the development, enhancement, assessment, and maintenance of standards implementation at the K-12 level with special emphasis on English language development; 
  • coordinating professional learning opportunities for all teachers, administrators, and other ML stakeholders to raise performance outcomes in all content areas for students identified as MLs.

ML Program Compliance

  • cross-collaboration with the Office of Federal Programs Monitoring and Support to assist PSUs during the federal grant process for Title III funds, to include the consolidated application and monitoring processes;
  • cross-collaboration with the Office of Charter Schools to assist Charters during the Performance Framework process;
  • providing resources, technical assistance, and training to local administrators and others involved in the design and implementation of their basic and supplemental language instruction educational program (LIEP).


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