Character Education

Character Education is an effort to help schools teach students to be good citizens. It is a goal for schools, districts, and states to teach students the important values that we all share. Some of these values include: respect; responsibility; integrity; perseverance; courage; justice and self-discipline. This program addresses issues that are of concern in our society and our schools. Character Education is taught within the Social Studies Standard Course of Study. The lessons taught can help with problems such as discipline and poor grades.

Student Citizen Act of 2001

In the fall of 2001, the Student Citizen Act of 2001 (SL 2001-363) was passed into law by the NC Legislature. This act requires every school district to support character education teaching with buy-in from community. This act demonstrates that promoting character in our children is the foundation of education in our state. We want to provide the leadership, resources, and support to develop good citizens. NCDPI has developed resources to help districts and schools with teaching character development. These resources help schools and communities develop good lesson plans and strengthen programs. Please go to the Character Education Google Site for more information and to access the resources.