Data Management Group Membership

The Data Management Group (DMG) is the official data management oversight body of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). The DMG is charged with the responsibility and authority to set policy and resolve issues concerning agency data collection, management and use. The purpose of the DMG is to enable the NCDPI to meet the responsibility of providing accurate and timely data to key stakeholders.

Comprised of representation from each business unit, the DMG supports the agency's efforts to achieve the State Board of Education's (SBE's) mission, by ensuring data quality, accountability and timeliness, all of which are essential to enabling data-driven decision-making.


First Name Last Name Area Email
Tessa Hine Student Information Systems
Traci Tillis Exceptional Children
TBD TBD School Improvement TBD
Karen Fairley Center for Safer Schools
TBD TBD Communication and Information Services TBD
Kristi Day Federal Program Monitoring and Support, Title III
Rob Dietrich Digital Teaching and Learning
Anita Harris Federal Program Monitoring and Support, Title I
Janet Johnson School Nutrition and District Operations
Nancy Cross Career and Technical Education
Nathan Craver Financial and Business Services
Curtis Sonneman Accountability and Testing
Mia Murphy NC Virtual Public School
Alexis Schauss School Business Administration
Tom Tomberlin Educator Recruitment and Development
Sneha Shah-Coltrane Advanced Learning and Gifted Education
Jeni Corn Learning Recovery & Acceleration
Mark Samberg Technology Services
Angie Mullinnex K-12 Standards, Curriculum and Instruction
Amy Powell Moman Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Dan Tetreault Early Learning
Joseph Letterio Maimone Charter Schools


Support Team

First Name Last Name Area Email
Terra Dominguez Data, Reporting, and Privacy
KC Elander Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Eric Marshall Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Mindy Vu Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Rebecca Davis Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Diane Dulaney Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Jeremiah Jackson Risk Management and Cybersecurity
Derrick Smith Data, Reporting, and Privacy
Jessie Lassiter Data, Reporting, and Privacy