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Below you can find info regarding Stakeholder Complaints, AEI (Alternative Evaluation Instrument) Process, Office Hours, and OCS Lunch+Learns

Stakeholder Complaints

AEI (Alternative Evaluation Instrument) Process

State Board Policy TCED-016, it is stated that a local board shall use the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards (NCPTS) and North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) unless it develops an alternative evaluation that is properly validated and that includes standards and criteria similar to those in the NCPTS and NCEES.  

The following are some important considerations for LEAs or charter schools to consider when submitting evidence to the SBE for approval:  

•The validation study should be conducted by an external agency. This means that the LEA or vendor should not be conducting its own validation study, but that an unbiased third party should conduct the validation study. 

•The third-party evaluator should submit a summary of its methodology along with its findings. 

•The LEA/charter school or the vendor should submit a crosswalk between the new instrument and the state instrument which demonstrates the coverage of all the domains of the state evaluation system. 

Review the entire process and requirements

Office Hours

The purpose of the OCS Office Hours is to allow Charter School Leaders to connect with NCDPI department representatives virtually. Our office holds monthly learning opportunities for NCDPI departments to share information and resources. Please see below for current sessions. 

Date Topic Presentation or RSVP
September 13, 2023

Read to Achieve

Tonya Parrish

Read to Achieve Content
October 12, 2023

School Safety

Karen W. Fairley

School Safety Content
November 28, 2023

North Carolina Homeless Education Program –

Savannah Gay 

Homeless Education Program Content
December 14

Home Base & NCEES,

Rebecca Stokes & Donna Currie

Home Base & NCEES Content
January 11

Learning Recovery

Dr. Richard Lewis

Learning Recovery Content
February 14, 2024

For the Love of School Leaders

Dr. Andrew Smith, Dr. Erika Shoulders- Royster, & Tabari Wallas, ED.S.

For the Love of School Leaders RSVP
March 20, 2024  

SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

Anne Nixon & Dr. Natasha Norins

April 17, 2024 MTSS - Addressing Misconceptions – Ashley Springs & Rhonda Harrell (IABS)  RSVP MTSS

OCS Lunch+Learn

NCDPI Office of Charter Schools seeks to increase collaboration among charter school leaders through quarterly networking meetings. Each session is held at a local charter school for a few hours around lunch time. Sessions for the 2023-2024 Academic Year are in the table below. 

Date  Topic Presentation or RSVP

October 27, 2023

10:30 am -1:30 pm

Strategic Planning: Enrollment and Marketing Presentation

February 19, 2024

10:30 am -1:30 pm

Navigating CS Legislation  RSVP Navigating CS Legislation

April 22, 2024

10:30 am -1:30 pm

High Quality Instruction in a Teacher Shortage RSVP High Quality Instruction