students with lunch tray

School Nutrition Programs in North Carolina are using innovative strategies to make a difference in the lives of students across our state by…

  • Preparing and Offering safe, appealing, and nutritious meals to all children  
  • Building relationships with students 
  • Supporting social and emotional learning  
  • Offering nutrition education  
  • Cultivating connections to local agriculture and farmers  
  • Promoting equity 
  • Fostering a healthy school nutrition environment and community 


Guiding Principles

1. Transition to support on-site instruction and nutritious, appealing school meals to all students, while addressing the needs of distance learners and other children in the community who are food-insecure within the human and financial resources available;

2. Support the physical, mental, social and emotional health and well-being of children, staff, families and communities by implementing social distancing and personal hygiene protocols;

3. Operate programs in a manner that promotes overall sustainability and program integrity;

4. Communicate often with stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities associated with providing school meals; and

5. Use our collective voices to transform school meals to reflect new and emerging education and nutrition priorities.

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