Interscholastic athletics have a vital place in the total educational program when they are effectively planned, organized, administered, supervised, and evaluated. Through school athletics, many of the interests and needs of young people can be served better than through any other channel. For this reason, it is important that school administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community personnel determine what educational objectives seem most desirable and plan athletic programs in keeping with the overall purposes of the school program. 

Underlying every phase of the athletic program should be a primary concern for the athlete as a person, student, and a member of society. At all times, emphasis should be placed upon progressing levels of maturity both physical and emotional, upon integrity both personal and social, and upon responsibility, both for one's self and to all involved in the athletic program. Any play between organized teams or individuals from different schools is defined as an "interscholastic athletic contest" and shall be subject to all regulations pertaining to such contests. 

NC High School Athletics

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