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Developing a Local AIG Plan

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As Article 9B (N.C.G.S. § 115C-150.5) legislates, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) sets the guidelines for school districts and charter schools to develop their local AIG plans. The NC AIG Program Standards (SBE Policy ACIG-000) will continue to serve as the principle guidelines for the local AIG program development and update of local AIG plans for 2022-2025.

In addition, Article 9B mandates that local plans for serving gifted learners must remain in effect for no more than three years. As such, during the 2021-2022 school year, all districts and participating charters will revise local AIG plans for the upcoming three year cycle.

Over the last decade, our state has focused on the strategic development of gifted programs and services that support the optimal growth of our gifted learners. It is our goal with the local AIG plans of 2022-2025 to focus on Equity and Excellence by increasing access and opportunities while also increasing achievement and growth so that students can thrive.


NC DPI has developed the following support materials to be used, in conjunction with, the NC AIG Program Standards:

In addition, there are many avenues to receive support as districts and charter schools develop and update the local AIG plan, including through: 

  • Professional Development events, led by Division of Advanced Learning and Gifted Education team including AIG Coordinator’s Institutes (Fall, Winter, & Spring), virtual monthly meetup sessions, designated office hours, and webinar series focused on understanding the NC AIG Program Standards.
  • Feedback from previously submitted local AIG plans and any additional supporting documents with comments.
  • AIG Regional meetings for AIG Coordinators facilitated by AIG Volunteer Regional Leaders 

All LEAs and charter schools with current Local AIG plans, will submit newly revised plans to the State Board of Education (SBE)/DPI by Friday, July 15, 2022 for review and comment. As Article 9B legislates, this updated plan is approved by the LEA’s local board of education prior to submission to NC SBE/DPI for feedback.

*For those charter schools developing a local AIG plan for the first time, the deadline for submission will be October 15, 2022.

For additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact your Division of Advanced Learning and Gifted Education staff for further information:

DPI State Consultants for AIG and Advanced Programs: 

Beth Cross/ Beth.cross@dpi.nc.gov / (984) 236-2739

Stephanie Cyrus / Stephanie.cyrus@dpi.nc.gov / (984) 236-2742

The following are pre-recorded webinars to support coordinators in 'Unpacking the NC AIG Program Standards.'  These short webinars provide an overview of each standard and a close examination of each practice, the changes and intent of the each practice, and strategies to support the effective implementation of the practice.  

The team will also provide a LIVE webinar for each of the NC AIG Program Standards, according to the schedule below.  

Standard Pre-recorded Link Viewing Password LIVE webinar date
Student Identification (1) Standard 1 Unpacking Webinar Unpacking1 November 9, 2021 (10-11)
Comprehensive Programming within the Total School Community (2) Standard 2 Unpacking Webinar Unpacking2 December 2, 2021 (10-11)
Differentiated Curriculum & Instruction (3) Standard 3 Unpacking Webinar Unpacking3 January 6, 2022 (10-11)
Personnel and Professional Development (4) Standard 4 Unpacking Webinar Unpacking4 January 20, 2022 (10-11)
Partnerships (5) Standard 5 Unpacking Webinar Unpacking5 February 10, 2022 (10-11)
Program Accountability (6)  Standard 6 Unpacking webinar Unpacking6 October 7, 2021 (10-11)


Additional Pre-Recorded Webinars & Resources: 

Utilizing the NC CCIP system for submitting the Local AIG Plan

Access video here: https://youtu.be/GKaynLl99nI

Using the NC CCIP Portal Reference Document

Presenting your revised local AIG plan to your local board of education 

Access video here: https://youtu.be/hgKYOoQYYkg