NC Charter Schools are governed by a combination of North Carolina statute, State Board of Education policy, and the Charter Agreement.


The Combined Text of House Bill 955 ("the Charter School Act") ratified on June 21, 1996, and subsequent charter school amendments. Article 14A of N.C. General Statute, chapter 115C contains the Combined Text of House Bill 955 ("the Charter School Act") ratified on June 21, 1996, and all subsequent amendments. Please keep in mind, General Statutes may be amended or revised through Session Laws.

Charter School Laws

§ 115C-218. Purpose of charter schools and establishment of North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board.

§ 115C-218.1. Eligible applicants; contents of applications; submission of applications for approval.

§ 115C-218.5. Final approval of applications for charter schools.

§ 115C-218.6. Review and renewal of charters.

§ 115C-218.7. Material revisions of charters.

§ 115C-218.8. Nonmaterial revisions of charters.

§ 115C-218.10. Charter school exemptions.

§ 115C-218.15. Charter school operation.

§ 115C-218.20. Civil liability and insurance requirements.

§ 115C-218.25. Open meetings and public records.

§ 115C-218.30. Accountability; reporting requirements to State Board of Education.

§ 115C-218.35. Charter school facilities.

§ 115C-218.40. Charter school transportation.

§ 115C-218.45. Admission requirements.

§ 115C-218.50. Charter school nonsectarian.

§ 115C-218.55. Nondiscrimination in charter schools.

§ 115C-218.60. Student discipline.

§ 115C-218.65. North Carolina School Report Cards.

§ 115C-218.70. Driving eligibility certificates.

§ 115C-218.75. General operating requirements.

§ 115C-218.80. Display of the United States and North Carolina flags and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

§ 115C-218.85. Course of study requirements.

§ 115C-218.90. Employment requirements.

§ 115C-218.94. Identification of low-performing and continually low-performing charter schools.

§ 115C-218.95. Causes for nonrenewal or termination; disputes.

§ 115C-218.100. Dissolution of a charter school.

§ 115C-218.105. State and local funds for a charter school.

§ 115C-218.110. Notice of the charter school process; review of charter schools. 

NOTE: The sections above reflect changes to Chapter 115C-218 that went into effect in 2015-16.

To access further information regarding NC General Statutes or Session Laws, please see the NC General Assembly website.

Legislation/Policy: State Board Policy website

State Board of Education Policy

All State Board of Education policies can be found on its policy page, linked here. Please see “CHTR. Charter Schools Administration.”

List of Attorney General Opinions regarding Charter Schools: