Online Testing Irregularity Submission System (OTISS)


The Online Testing Irregularity Submission System (OTISS) is how North Carolina testing professionals submit testing irregularities that take place during the administration of any state test. The online system has replaced the old method of reporting irregularities using a paper form. Login to find out more about our innovative process for tracking and reporting testing irregularities:


The OTISS User Manual
Step-by-step instructions on how to enter and process a testing irregularity at every user level

How to Enter a Testing Irregularity Report in OTISS 
An automated tutorial on how to submit a testing irregularity in OTISS

How to Process an Irregularity Report After It Has Been Entered into OTISS 
A tutorial demonstrating the next steps after entering a testing irregularity into the system

OTISS Investigation Checklist (02/2019)
A fillable form checklist for submitting testing irregularity investigations to be used by district, charter school, and/or school test coordinators