Textbook Laws and Policies

State Board of Education (SBE) Policies — Textbooks (TEXT)



TEXT-000 Textbook Adoption
TEXT-001 Textbook Evaluation Criteria and Invitation to Submit
TEXT-002 Textbook Evaluation Advisors
TEXT-003 Textbook Commission
TEXT-004 Textbook Contracts
TEXT-005 Disposition of Old Textbooks
TEXT-006 Textbook Publishers Registry
TEXT-008 Selection of American History Textbooks


North Carolina General Statutes - Textbooks


§ 115C-85. Textbook needs are determined by course of study.
§ 115C-86. State Board of Education to select and adopt textbooks.
§ 115C-87. Appointment of Textbook Commission.
§ 115C-88. Commission to evaluate textbooks offered for adoption
§ 115C-89. Selection of textbooks by Board.
§ 115C-90. Adoption of textbooks and contracts with publishers.
§ 115C-91. Continuance and discontinuance of contracts with publishers.
§ 115C-92. Procedure for change of textbook.
§ 115C-93. Advice from and suits by Attorney General.
§ 115C-94. Publishers to register.
§ 115C-95. Sale of books at lower price reduces price to State.
§ 115C-96. Powers and duties of the State Board of Education in regard to textbooks.
§ 115C-97. State Board of Education authorized to discontinue handling supplementary and library books.
§ 115C-98. Local boards of education to provide for local operation of the textbook program, the selection and procurement of other instructional materials, and the use of non-adopted textbooks.
§ 115C-99. Legal custodians of textbooks furnished by State.
§ 115C-100. Rental fees for textbooks prohibited; damage fees authorized.
§ 115C-101. Duties and authority of superintendents of local school administrative units.
§ 115C-102. Right to purchase; disposal of textbooks and materials.