Procedures and Guidance

The LEA Training Guide is geared towards those who work in the finance office as well as some general guidelines and refreshers for finance officers. A guide to help those in the LEAs who are doing the bank reconciliation, the financial report reconciliation, completing the FPD 202 forms, etc...

How to Subscribe to the Budget and Amendment System (BAAS)

CTE Fiscal Policy Guide Updated July 2019

eMFTS / WinSCP Registration Guide


Annual and Monthly Financial Reports (AFR/MFR)

Annual and Monthly Financial Reports (AFR/MFR)

AFR/MFR Standard Journal Entries are standard journal entries that must be used when each LEA posts selected types of transactions to their general ledger. This is especially relevant in determining the "Per Pupil" expenditures.

AFR/MFR Recommendations are guidelines to ensure that accounting data is reported more consistently to allow for a more accurate reflection of LEA data. This is especially relevant to all parties in determining "Per Pupil" expenditures.

MFR Exclude Form — Complete this form if you want DPI to exclude either a Fund or Fund with specific PRCs for per-pupil calculations.

UERS Payroll and General Expense Edit Legends give the definitions of the error messages that the LEAs receive when their monthly financial data is edited for compliance with UERS data requirements.



Issued by the Chief School Business Officer via email, the School Business - Finance Office newsletter keeps you updated on legislative issues, reminds you of DPI deadlines, informs you of system changes and notifies you of the latest additions to the FBS website. Anyone interested in this newsletter can subscribe by going to, submitting your email address, then choosing Financial Officers Newsletter from the dropdown list.

Memos Purchasing


E-Procurement and Purchasing — LEA Purchasing Flexibility, E-Procurement, and Senate Bill 620 Key Questions and Answers

Iran Divestment Act — Memo from NC Department of Administration, Division of Purchase and Contracts