Champion Awards

Marvin R. Pittman Champions for Education Award

Marvin R. Pittman

The Department of Public Instruction recognizes individuals who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to student success, who exemplify leadership in education and make a significant impact on students in N.C. This tradition has continued from the Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement (CCSA) to the current Connecting Communities of Education Stakeholders Conference (CCES). The award was named for Marvin R. Pittman because he embodied these characteristics. One colleague described him as,

“He lived a life that demonstrated that we can find solutions to achievement gaps if we are willing to have candid conversations and positive action.” - Dr. June Atkinson, Former NC Superintendent

“His unfailing commitment for doing what was right for all people will leave a lasting mark on our state.” - Dr. Eric Hall, Former Superintendent of the Innovative School District

“We’re better off because Marvin Pittman lived and because he acted to improve opportunities for kids and communities.” - Dr. Mike Ward, Former NC Superintendent

Do you know someone who demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to student success? Someone who exemplifies leadership in education? Someone you believe has made a significant impact on students in NC? Consider them for the Marvin R. Pittman Champions for Education Awards. The NC Department of Public Instruction wishes to recognize those individuals during the 2020 Connecting Communities of Education Stakeholders Conference (CCES).  The purpose of the Champion Award is to share our collective belief in the power of public education and to celebrate everything that is right about our local schools and the people who make it so. Please take a moment to nominate that deserving teacher, administrator, support staff, support staff administrator, or volunteer.  Any individual supporting student success across NC is eligible for this award.

The nomination and application period is now closed. Winners have been notified.

Award Categories:

  • Teacher (Certified PK-12 teachers or Instructional leaders)
  • Administrator (Principals, Assistant Principals)
  • Support Staff (Any Certified or classified non-instructional staff member i.e PowerSchool Coordinators, Data Managers, Career Development Coordinators, Media Specialists, Special Populations Coordinators, Curriculum & Instructional Management Coordinators, School Counselors, Office, Cafeteria, Bus or Custodial staff)
  • Support Staff Administrator (Central Office Personnel, Mid-Level Administrators, CTE Directors)
  • Volunteer (Parent, Business, Non-profit Organization, Local Education Board Member)

Congratulations to the 2020 Marvin R. Pittman Champions for Education Award Winners

Teacher Administrator
Annette Harris Dr. Pamela Walthall
Annette Harris
Earth Science Teacher
Piedmont High School
Monroe, North Carolina

Dr. Pamela Walthall
Vick Elementary School
Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Support Staff Administrator Volunteer Support Staff
Cara Wolford Aimee Trawick Tonya Fletcher
Cara Wolford
K-12 Curriculum and Professional Development Coordinator
Kannapolis City Schools
Aimee Trawick
PTO President
Cartoogechaye Elementary School
Franklin, North Carolina

Tonya Fletcher
Media Coordinator
Franklin Elementary School
Mount Airy, North Carolina