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2021 Recruitment & Retention Summit - Recording Links & Passwords

Session Link - Password:

The Future is Local Leveraging: Grow Your Own Programs to Address Shortages in Your Community - Summit2021

You Can't Give from an Empty Cup: Understanding the Intersectional Impacts of Trauma-Support Work on Educators - qPM6QRNj

Recruiting and Retaining the Best: Leveraging HLPs for Face-to-Face and Remote Instruction - no password

Panel of Diverse Teachers Telling Their Stories - Why be an educator? - 5vFMfFWM

Top Ten Financial Things that Early Career Teachers Need to Know: How Administrators Can Keep Them in It to Win It! - UexCbYz3

Recruiting and Retaining Career Changers in Special Education - no password

Recruitment and Retention of Low Incidence Disability Professional: Hearing and Vision - LowIncidence1

Diversifying the Profession: How AACTE is engaging EPPs to Recruit and Retain Diverse Educator Candidates - no password

How NC SIP Leadership Supports Recruitment and Retention - Summit21

NC Pathways to Teaching Excellence - no password

Teacher Retention and Recruitment in the Virtual Setting - Virtual2

Obtaining and Maintaining Talented School Psychological Service Providers - yRJX5NnP

Western Governors University and Bladen County Schools Partnership - EeCZ53w4

A Winning Collaboration: EPP/LEA Education Taskforce - MppnX2Ym

Recruiting and Retaining Arizona Special Educators - Summit21

Preparing the First Year Special Education Teacher - no password

Voices from the Field: Strategies for Recruiting and Supporting African American Teachers - PdpHPwF5 

Call Me MiSTER & STEP at WCU: Tale of Two Teacher Recruitment Programs to Diversify the Pipeline - RRSummitRecording1

Mindfulness as a Tool for Longevity in the Field - no password

Recruiting and Retaining Significant Cognitive Disabilities Teachers - 4GpYK8Zm

PROGRESS Center: Resources and Supports for Local Educators - 3nQMEAqa

Keynote-- Dr. Mary T. Bronwell: "Attract, Prepare, and Retain: A Three Part Strategy for Addressing Shortages" - no password

Keynote-- Dr. Cathy Kea: "Leavers, Movers, or Stayers: It's Not About Recruitment, but Retention - no password


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